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Vitateck® is the premium distributor in the field of medical aesthetic equipment and medicines. We set trends – you benefit: Of our medical know-how and a strong portfolio, which expands in the Middle East and worldwide. The market for aesthetic and non invasive treatments is flourishing and will continue to strongly grow. Become a partner now and ensure success for your medical aesthetics services with a VITATECK® partnership!

Why Become a Vitateck Partner

Longstanding experience

With vast years of experience we are the top distributors for medical aesthetic equipment and medicines throughout UAE and the Middle East region.

State-of-the-art technology

Our offerings are state of the art medically approved devices from the Ministries of Health complying with the highest safety standards.

Quality & know-how

We set highest standards for our service, quality, consultation and performance of our services.

Satisfied clients

Satisfied clients and a high recommendation rate reflect our philosophy. We take time for our clients.

Benefits of being a Vitateck Partner

  • Provide patients/doctors-centric, aesthetic solutions to your clients and prospects with Vitateck expansive portfolio
  • Take advantage of incentives and special offers to drive opportunities for your business
  • Leverage specialized training and workshops to build and enhance your practice/business
  • Gain access to a full fledge Marketing and Creative team servicing its unique portfolio of premium brands and producing some of the strongest consumer franchises, to help you market and sell your services.

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