Distributed in Middle-East

Mirapeel- New, comprehensive Cosmetic System with unique accessories designed to achieve novel 3D Skin Desquamation and Fractional Transbrasion.

Repair, Hydrate, Clarify & Nourish



How does Mirapeel work?

Answer: MIRApeel combines 3 of the most existing effective technologies with the unique, innovative breakthrough Fractional Transbrasion methodology. The FRACTIONAL TRANSBRASION was invented and created by MIRAmedtech's R&D team, exclusively for the MIRApeel

What makes up the fractional transbrasion technology of MIRApeel?

Answer: *Infusion of proprietary cosmeceuticals to the DE junction, more effectively and deeper. *LED light phototherapy *Fractional Skin Needling therapy with infusion.

What treatment does MIRApeel do?

Answer: MIRApeel is used for better treatment for wrinkles, fine lines, rejuvenation, superficial pigmentation, acne, minimizing skin pores size, improving stretchmarks, creepy skin, surgical and acne scars.